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Breathing Roots Meditation

Breathing is essential to life. The tragic event in Minneapolis when vital breath was violently taken away from George Floyd sparked demonstrations and civil unrest throughout the country. These events over the past weeks have weighed heavy on my heart and mind. The...

5-Day Feel Good Boost

The time to focus on our health and well-being is even more important now. Many of us are worried if our immune system is optimal and struggling with poor energy, increased anxiety and high stress levels. I want to continue to support you during this time. In addition...

Ease Anxiety and Stress In Less Than 4 Minutes

If you've been feeling extra anxious these days, you’re not alone. I've been hearing this from many of you and wanted to create a short video of 3 easy Qi Gong exercises you can do at home. Easing anxiety and stress is critical right now because our ability to fight...

Acupuncture for Kids

"You treat kids with acupuncture? Really?" This is a question I get asked often because most don't know that kids can get acupuncture and that it's safe and effective. As an acupuncturist, and a mom, I became passionate about being an advocate of acupuncture for kids....

Big Announcement

Little Sage is growing! By Melissa Roxas I’m super excited to share the news with you that I’m expecting a baby this coming December! Our family is very happy to welcome another addition to our family. My four-year old son is especially excited to be a big brother....

Boost Your Immune System with Bone Broth

Boost Your Immune System with Bone Broth

One of my favorite things to recommend to people is making homemade bone broth. Not only is it super nutritious for you, but it is also super easy to make. Below you will find a general guide how to make a simple bone broth from any kind of bones and cartilage from...

Little Sage Clinic Video

Little Sage Clinic Video

[VIDEO] Little Sage Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine is passionate about supporting you through your health care journey. We provide high quality holistic health care, to help you restore and nurture good health to improve your quality of life.  Watch the video and...

Little Sage on Kababayan Today with G. Töngi

Little Sage on Kababayan Today with G. Töngi

Melissa was invited to speak on a local television show hosted by G. Töngi of Kababayan Today to talk about her passion for health and healing with East Asian Medicine. Below is the show in four parts that originally aired in March 2017. 


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