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Breathing Roots Meditation

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Breathing is essential to life. The tragic event in Minneapolis when vital breath was violently taken away from George Floyd sparked demonstrations and civil unrest throughout the country. These events over the past weeks have weighed heavy on my heart and mind.

The profound emotions that people are feeling reflect long-standing social injustice that has existed for the African American community who endured generations of trauma and have been marginalized and disproportionately affected economically, socially and politically.

Little Sage has always stood against all forms of injustice and discrimination. I want to re-affirm our commitment to upholding these principles that honors the basic right to live equally without fear and discrimination, and to pursue justice. The reality is that inequality exists in our world but we can do our part to change this. I must constantly challenge myself to do more, to help in ways that I can to promote positive change.

I recognize the profound effects that the recent events have had on our community. Grief, sadness, and anger are prevalent with higher rates of stress and anxiety. These feelings are compounded by the isolation of quarantine because of COVID-19.

I want to continue to provide you with support and resources to navigate this difficult time.

The Little Sage philosophy is about cultivating and supporting the indomitable spirit of the human soul. In order to stand strong for our beliefs we need to take care of ourselves so we can continue to advocate for positive social change.

In the next couple weeks I will be sharing free resources I’ve created for you around the theme of breath.

Below is the link to the first one. It’s a breathing exercise to stay grounded and rooted:


Breathing Roots Meditation

by Little Sage Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Now more than ever we need each other. Please continue to practice understanding and kindness. Please stay safe. Please reach out to us if you need support.

Wishing you abundant health,


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