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Unlock your body’s energy pathways in summer

by | Acupressure, Acupuncture, Chinese medicine

In the ancient healing system of East Asian medicine, the concept of meridians forms the foundation for understanding the flow of vital energy (Qi) throughout the body. These meridians are like energy pathways, connecting various organs and facilitating the harmonious functioning of the body.

Each season is associated with specific meridians. Summer is a season of vibrant energy and light. The main meridians that are associated with the summer are the Heart, Small Intestine and Triple Burner.

In this blog, I talk about ways to promote the smooth flow of energy in these meridians to enhance your well-being during this sunny season.


The Heart Meridian Governs the Emotions and Joy

The Heart is the main meridian affected in the summer season when the sun radiates warmth and joy.

The Heart meridian is closely related to emotions, and it governs the emotional aspects of our being. When the Heart meridian is in balance, we experience feelings of joy, love, and connection. However, imbalances in this meridian may lead to anxiety, restlessness, or insomnia.

How to promoting smooth energy flow of the Heart:

Express Gratitude

    • Cultivate a practice of gratitude to nourish your heart’s energy. Take a moment each day to appreciate the positive aspects of your life and the world around you.

Engage in Heart-Opening Exercises

    • Practices like yoga and Qigong and stretching can open the chest area, where the Heart meridian runs, promoting the flow of Qi.

Meditation and Mindfulness

    • Clear your mind and cultivate inner peace through meditation and mindfulness techniques. These practices can help soothe emotional fluctuations and maintain balance within the Heart meridian.

The Small Intestine Meridian is for Filtering and Discerning:

The Small Intestine meridian, closely connected to the Heart meridian, plays a significant role in the digestion and assimilation of not only food but also experiences and emotions. This meridian helps us discern what is essential and filters out what is unnecessary in our lives.

How to promote the smooth energy flow of the Small Intestine:

Eat Mindfully

    • Choose light and nourishing foods that support your digestion. Avoid overeating or consuming excessive spicy and greasy foods that may burden the Small Intestine.

Embrace Emotional Release

    • Engage in activities that help you release emotional tension, such as journaling or talking to a trusted friend or therapist.

Practice Detoxification

    • Consider incorporating natural detoxification practices, such as drinking herbal teas or infused water, to support the Small Intestine’s cleansing function.

The Triple Burner Meridian

The Triple Burner is unique to Chinese medicine and plays a crucial role in regulating the body’s three heaters – upper, middle, and lower. These “heaters” correspond to the respiratory, digestive, and reproductive systems. The Triple Burner meridian helps ensure proper coordination among these systems and maintains overall equilibrium.

How to promote the smooth energy flow through the Triple Burner meridian:

Stay Hydrated

    • Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated, allowing the Triple Burner to function effectively in distributing fluids throughout the body.

Practice Abdominal Breathing

    • Deep, conscious breathing exercises can activate and harmonize the Triple Burner meridian.

Engage in Moderate Exercise

    • Regular physical activity, such as swimming or dancing, can help maintain the Triple Burner’s balance and encourage the flow of Qi.


In Chinese medicine, the summer season invites us to embrace the warmth and vitality of the season, aligning our body’s energy with the specific meridians associated with this time of year.

By nurturing the Heart, Small Intestine, and Triple Burner meridians, we can promote the smooth flow of energy, leading to enhanced emotional well-being, digestive harmony, and overall vitality. As we unlock the body’s energy pathways through these practices, we harmonize with the summer’s energy and experience the fullness of the season’s gifts.

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