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Sleep better, get rid of brain fog, and have more clarity

by | Acupressure, Acupuncture, Mindfulness, Stress Relief

Insomnia, brain fog, poor memory and concentration are common symptoms that people see me in the clinic for. One of my favorite points to use to address these conditions is the Bai Hui point or Du 20.

Bai Hui Point – Hundred Meetings

This point is located on the crown of the head.

The point is called the Hundred Meetings. According to the classic books it was so named because it can treat one hundred diseases.

This point can help improve sleep, calm the mind, and have more clarity. It is the highest point on the body so it has a profound influence on the energy of the body. Depending on how the point is used, we can influence the energy of the body to go up or down.

Bai Hui point can raise the energy, so it’s helpful for prolapse or the uterus, bladder or rectum. It can also help with incontinence of the bowels or urine.

If we want the energy to go down, Bai Hui point can also help descend excess energy and help with headaches and dizziness.

The Bai Hui point benefits the brain so it helps improve concentration and memory. It influences the head and sensory organs. Stimulating the point can help with symptoms like brain fog, poor memory and poor concentration.

The Chinese classical books mention this point often for disorders of the heart and spirit. Bai Hui has a profound effect on calming the mind.

No wonder the classical texts mention this point for treatment of one hundred diseases. Depending on which acupuncture points Bai Hui is combined with can influence its function. Our intention of where to send the energy when we stimulate the point can also influence its profound effect on the body.

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