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Repair scars and cracks with gold

by | Blog, Inspiration, Mindfulness

What does our society normally do when we break something? Say you broke one of your favorite cups, pot or vase. What happens to it?

It ends up in the trash.

We often do the same thing in our lives with things we perceive as broken.

Not only material things, but even in our lives.

We may perceive people, kids, and ourselves as broken. We may have broken relationships, dreams, hopes, aspirations.

We may give up too soon or even after a period of trying, we just give up and throw things away.

There is a lot that the art of Kintsugi can teach us about the art of transformation. Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. What was once broken pieces and cracks become stunningly beautiful pieces of art.

The art of Kintsugi aligns with the Zen Buddhist ideal of wabi sabi which embraces imperfection.

It’s about the philosophy of finding the beauty in what we initially perceive as broken.

Appreciating the beauty in what is flawed and imperfect.

Instead of striving for perfection, we can find beauty in the messy, imperfect and constant flux of life.

It’s not about ignoring the fact that life has its problems. There will be challenges that you encounter in life, even devastating and life threatening ones.

The art of Kintsugi invites you to see the possibilities of what can be beyond that broken life.

What will you do with the scars and cracks in your own life?

Will you throw these pieces into the trash?

Or will you create something new, breathtaking, and beautiful?

What will you choose to do with your one precious life?

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